Reka Nyari
Nude York

April 7 - May 9, 2015

Nude York 8 , 2015, digital c-print (framed), 35 x 49 inches, edition of 5  (inquire)

Nude York 8, 2015, digital c-print (framed), 35 x 49 inches, edition of 5 (inquire)

New York-based photographer Reka Nyari is debuting in Toronto with a series of new work entitled, “Nude York.” The artist thoughtfully places nude female figures against the New York City skyline. Both classical and contemporary, her explorations produce works that stir-up a sense of intimacy and sensuality. The soothing curves of the human form juxtaposed with the monolithic skyscrapers of the world's most iconic skyline create stunning imagery.

“I came to NYC at the tender age of 17, as a kid with stars in my eyes. Looking down at this city atop the tallest building I could find, I felt truly isolated, fragile, and naked. I was alone and scared. Yet something in this amazing city brought out the hunger for success and adventure in me, as it does for so many of us.. It guides, molds, and inspires. 
We feel so small, so bare, yet part of something much greater.
Nude York
Soft skin against the jagged edges of our urban landscape.”

 — Reka Nyari