Virtuous Skies: Alex Landon Richardson

Coldstream Fine Art is pleased to present Virtuous Skies, a solo exhibition of new work by Canadian painter Alex Landon Richardson.

Functioning as a ‘graphic novel in paint’, this exhibition quite literally explores the narrative possibilities in the chronological progression from canvas to canvas as one moves through the gallery space. Each square painting becomes a self-contained storyboard frame, adding one step in the journey, and connecting fluidly to the whole. Animating a story of mountaineering in which a protagonist embarks on a solo quest of ascending and descending mountains, the frames take the viewer around the world to exotic locations and hard-to-reach wilderness settings in which the character becomes engulfed in dreamy and colour-saturated atmospheres with views which are sometimes vast, sometimes dense and always filled with a touch of the extraordinary. The story is fluid yet the character is replaced with each frame, switching up for a character of an alternate culture, ethnicity and gender, as if in a relay race, though the identity is at times hard to detect through the elaborate gear donned by the figure or the grand distance from which he or she is seen. This exhibition explores a universal reverence and esteem held towards venturing into the mountains for leisure, and the significance of these quests to our story as humans. It pokes at questions of virtue, aspiration and contemporary heroism, while leaving plenty of room for drawing personal allegories.

About the artist:

Alex Landon Richardson was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1986. She obtained an MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2013 and a BA (Honours, Specialization in Visual Art) from Western University in London, Ontario in 2008. Operating within the language of contemporary painting, Richardson’s works are held in private collections in Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom. She has exhibited works internationally and has participated in artist residencies in Spain and South Africa. Richardson works out of her studio in The Beaches, but splits her time between Toronto and North Bay, Ontario, as she is an adjunct faculty member of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts at Nipissing University.

Virtuous Skies runs from June 11th - July 16th 2016.