Hidden by Marco Bertuzzo

Coldstream Fine Art is pleased to present Hidden, an exhibition of new work by the talented emerging artist Marco Bertuzzo. 

Combinations of symbols, shapes and languages create the countless number of images we interact with on a constant basis. These images have sometimes been stripped of their original meaning. Whether through time, obscurity, cultural differences or even the Internet, the inherent meaning of an image can range from being completely subjective to objective for the viewer. What is an image or symbol when it’s meaning is lost? Does it still have a use, or can we give it one? In his mind, Marco's work comes from a place detached from our history and culture that uses potent symbols and meanings that we are unaware of, and that the works seem to be actively trying to hide. Like an allegorical inkblot they leave you to fill them with your own meaning, and through this process, we might be able to analyze the ways in which we as a society derive meaning from and imbue images with power.

About Marco
Marco Bertuzzo is a multimedia and watercolour artist from Toronto, Canada. After studying at both OCAD University and Parsons Paris, Marco begins his Masters degree in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London this fall. Marco’s work is sociologically active, probing how we create concepts in our society such as gender, language and culture.
To Marco society is not something we can actively observe; instead we must observe it through its reflexivity on what it produces and consumes. Having exhibited in various group shows throughout Toronto and Paris, Hidden marks Marco’s first solo exhibition and first exhibition with Coldstream Fine Art.