Katrina Jurjans
momentarily i take the shape of a flower

October 17 - November 23, 2019

Beside the Bedroom Window (Flowers Bloom Inside My Mind) , 2019, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 36”

Beside the Bedroom Window (Flowers Bloom Inside My Mind), 2019, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 36”

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 17, 6:00–9:00pm - Artist talk at 6:45

About the Exhibition

Coldstream Fine Art is pleased to present momentarily i take the shape of a flower, an exhibition of new paintings by Katrina Jurjans and her first show with the gallery. In these dreamlike compositions, Jurjans plays with pattern and line over checkered planes of subdued colour, generating a flattened world where figures and designs hover between foreground and background. Our conventions of perception are challenged; primordial designs comprised of ferns, flowers and symbols spill across the delineated spaces’ permeable edges. The world is revealed to be a shifting, breathing entity, forcing us to reconsider the concreteness of our perception, to renegotiate the barriers we’ve raised between our memories and our active experiences.

It is no coincidence that the figures depicted are women, affecting a critique of what Jurjans sees as the standard Western trope of the female figure as both contained by and discrete from her surroundings, like an encased curio. Instead, these characters embody fluidity and capaciousness, effortlessly drifting between states of mind and matter. Though they are surrounded by intricate, eye-catching decorative schema, they are not consumed by them, maintaining a sort of agency as momentary focal points within the compositions even as they blend into the ornamentation. At the same time, while remaining evocative through gesture and expression, they are in a sense anonymous, representing emotions and memories rather than specific people.

Though these paintings encourage us to rethink the convenient boundaries that delimit our perception, they do not simply cast us into a boundless, formless cloud where all is one and the same. Instead, our attention shifts towards the countless transformations we go through on a daily basis. Even if we can convince ourselves that our personhood is a neat and continuous line, we must also realize that our personality is in fact a composite, a many-headed creature built from the miasma of memory. It is in these works, these compositions of unfolding spaces and ever-replicating patterns, that we recognize that this act of constant reshaping is a process without pause, inherent to our very existence as agents of both present and past.