Harrison Taylor

A native of Toronto, Harrison Taylor works mainly in photography, and, within this medium, explores his passion for abstraction. The result is a unique fusion, which challenges the conventional 'limitations' that photography imposes.

Harrison received his Studio Art undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College, where he focused on photography and architecture. He then furthered his studies in photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has been working professionally as an artist in Toronto for over five years now, and has built a respectable portfolio, having exhibited works at such events as Powerball and Nuit Blanche, in addition to having had work acquired for NBC’s permanent collection.

"I seek and make subjects that emulate patterns which can be taken out of contexts of size and time. This creates a shift in scale that allows for a reinterpretation of preconceived visuals and ideas. As a result, my work suggests a constant struggle between nature and order; a play between what we know and what we are allowed to make up is brought to the fore.”

  Ancient Island , 2015, C-print in thin archival photographic box, 36 x 48 inches  (inquire)

Ancient Island, 2015, C-print in thin archival photographic box, 36 x 48 inches (inquire)

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