Harrison Taylor

November 23, 2017 - January 13, 2018

Elizabeth X Gerrard , 2017, metallic print photograph in matte shadowbox, 35.25 x 55 inches  (inquire)

Elizabeth X Gerrard, 2017, metallic print photograph in matte shadowbox, 35.25 x 55 inches (inquire)

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 23, 6:00–9:00pm

Coldstream Fine Art is pleased to present Reflector, a new series of work by Toronto artist Harrison Taylor. Utilizing the natural characteristics of reflections in the city, Taylor’s ethereal photographs reframe the cold, unyielding facades of glass-paneled skyscrapers as windows to new, shifting realities. Undulating reflections trace the networks of stone, glass and metal that form the vertical cityscape of Toronto, as well as the isolated spots of greenery, bringing the disparate images together in striking contrast.

Reflector is the culmination of Taylor’s fascination with visual echoes that spans back to his undergraduate thesis at Dartmouth College. In his words, rather than dispelling the intrigue once the initial project was done, it turned him into a “reflection hunter,” always eager to find new gateways and portals in the ubiquitous glass panelling that defines modern and contemporary architecture. In doing so, he exposes the beauty hidden in plain sight by framing and highlighting the distorted reflections that can be found on almost any window, turning it into a painterly surface that encourages greater appreciation and, of course, reflection.

Some of the works in this series take the form of homemade parallelogram-shaped lightboxes, further defying and quite literally reframing our expectations. The light that emerges from behind the photographs brings a vividness to the brilliant contrasts that Taylor captures, while the unconventional shapes mirror his very project by eliciting striking beauty from a mere perspectival shift. It is in this embrace of the banal, often overlooked realities of our perception that Taylor captures some of his most expressive work to date.