Brian Poli-Dixon
The Genius Series

February 23 - March 24, 2018

Connected , 2018, acrylic, spray paint, house paint and diamond dust on canvas, 48 x 96 inches  (inquire)

Connected, 2018, acrylic, spray paint, house paint and diamond dust on canvas, 48 x 96 inches (inquire)

Opening Reception: Friday, February 23, 6:00–9:00pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, February 24, 3:00pm

Coldstream Fine Art is pleased to present The Genius Series, a show of work by emerging painter Brian Poli-Dixon and the artist’s first exhibition in Canada. Poli-Dixon’s debut is anything but restrained, demonstrating his keen eye for texture, colour and language in a signature, unforgettable style. Through the use of multiple types of paint on each canvas, the artist is able to evoke divergent expressions while maintaining a consistently raw and uncompromising aesthetic.

The series is centred around a cast of characters, “geniuses,” each with their own set of distinguishing features. Most of the portraits are marked by words whose purpose it is to resonate with each other and with the viewer, bellowing out creeds: SYNERGY, BOSS, MAVERICK, LOVE, KARMA. Their apparent straightforwardness betrays their ambiguity; all of the works are tethered between simplicity and complexity, revealing more about themselves only after careful consideration despite their initial appearance of unfiltered emotion.

The affective content of the series is underscored by Poli-Dixon’s commitment to formal experimentation, referencing back to myriad art movements (from halo iconography reminiscent of medieval art to the bold colors and brushstrokes of neo-expressionism) while developing a symbolic language all his own. The series, then, initialises a chain of reactions, starting from Poli-Dixon’s diverse palette—both creative and literal—and ending in the individual experience each viewer has with the figural and linguistic forms on the canvas.