Bill Batten

Early in Bill’s transition from painting and lithography to chalk pastels he began working with various forms of abstraction. This shift provided the most direct way to explore with the new medium. It also led to continuing and reciprocal exploration of various modernist and post-modernist theories, which influenced the visual strategies he employed. He continues working across genres ranging from landscape, portraits, and still life, to Post-Pop colour field paintings, which he returns to on a regular basis. With his abstract works, Bill uses colour and scale to confront and provoke an emotional response from the viewer. These pieces also embody an internal visual logic, which keeps the viewer engaged in a manner that allows a cathartic and intellectual resolution.

  Liminal Leap , 2015, soft pastel on rag paper, 50 x 44 inches  (inquire)

Liminal Leap, 2015, soft pastel on rag paper, 50 x 44 inches (inquire)

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