Alex Landon Richardson

June 17 - July 22, 2015

Afterglow , 2015, oil on canvas, 52 x 63 inches  (inquire)

Afterglow, 2015, oil on canvas, 52 x 63 inches (inquire)

Anti-Gravity is an exhibition of paintings exploring the relationship between the force of gravity and pursuits of freedom undertaken by the leisure class. This series was inspired by a lecture which Richardson recently delivered on the theories of composition, in which she explained to her students that a composition’s tensions and harmonies are often the result of its relationship to the pull of gravity. This spurred new thought in regards to her own studio work, and she began to consider the complexities of our relationship with gravity, and the ways in which we negotiate, adjust, and seek to defy our eternal bond with this force in our pursuits of freedom and victory in adulthood. A world of metaphorical possibilities opened up for exploration.

Gravity is a force which binds us to our planet, holds us together, and keeps us grounded. It is also a force that challenges us and provokes us, physically, mentally and spiritually, to exercise our abilities to stay balanced, remain upright, and to keep afloat. Travel, escape and leisure are all words which might induce thoughts of weightlessness, levity and buoyancy. Gizmos such as airplanes, boats and even paddleboards assist in our pursuit to shed anchors and reach a state of suspension and freedom from restraint – to win a temporary victory over the ever-weighing pull of gravity. This exhibition explores various instances of such victorious pursuits, by presenting varied locations, experiences and activities in the playful yet powerful visual language of painting.